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Schoolboy Humor pushes pop music to its limits. The Little Rock, AR quartet will release their self-titled debut album on 2/24/09 with twelve undeniable tracks that marry the band’s love of giant hooks and frenetic riffs with producer Geoff Rockwell’s (Forever the Sickest Kids) flair for atypical rhythms and pulsing electronica, making for a sound that’s not only contemporary but also driving and eclectic. This is one of the first albums of 2009 that cannot be missed!

Schoolboy Humor is: Spillyards, Phil Evans, (guitar/vocals), Anthony Evans (vocals/guitar), and Greg Scherer (drums).


  • Anthony Evans Vocals / Guitar
  • Caleb Spillyards Vocals / Keyboards
  • Greg Scherer Drums
  • Phil Evans Vocals / Guitar

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Schoolboy Humor

School Boy Humor Feb 24, 2009 Buy