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Electric Owls is what I call it these days when I write some songs, and with the help of some great friends, record and package them to be sent out into the world for complete strangers to enjoy. Or I suppose under less desirable circumstances, not enjoy. Regardless, I cannot stop, will not stop. I have done this before and for some time under different names with different friends, but for now I’ll concentrate pretty much on the present.

I live in Asheville North Carolina where the Blue Ridge Mountains peer down onto the banks of the French Broad River and autumn brings people from all around the world to witness the magical changing of the leaves. It is also a nice place to live and make music. And, that is pretty much what I do these days. I ended up here after a 6-year stint in Brooklyn NY. I liked it there for a while, but toward the end I was laying awake at night dreaming of a kudzu rain forest with a little old house in it, where I could hear Howlin’ Wolf on an old Califone record player. I dreamed of hippie girls and gardening in a pair of Crocs, and brewing my own beer. I also imagined a place where I could focus on writing and recording instead of whether or not my jeans were tight enough or where the next open bar was happening.

Essentially, I was getting older. It happens, if you’re lucky.

It took a couple of years and a couple of trips around this strange and beautiful country, but finally here I am living inside the dream now with yet a different life and different friends. A few of these friends and I made a record in 2008 called Aint Too Bright that was a bunch of songs written in the joyous wake of trading a billion tons of concrete for a billion trees. I toured the US once, Europe once, and then back here where I continued to write and learn how to make decent sounding recordings at home. Most recently I and some buddies set out to bring you Cullowhee Songs, a 4 song ep written over the last few months that also served as a home recording experiment. There are guitars, banjos, beats, ukuleles, synths, accordions, horns, pianos, xylophones and bells. But no whistles.
Oh, and a bunch of vocals.
Mostly it’s 4 pop songs that we had an awesome time recording that we hope you will have an equally awesome time rocking out to.

This ep is to be the first of many released digitally as well as on 7" vinyl, hand printed and packaged by yours truly. Hopefully we’ll be able to deliver you one personally at a show very soon. Until then…

-Andy Herod


  • Andy Herod Vocals

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