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French Kicks are set to release, Swimming, the band’s second album on Vagrant Records, this spring. The new record will be available exclusively through iTunes on April 1st and in stores on May 20th.

With Swimming, French Kicks have delivered their finest album to date. Produced and mixed entirely by the band, the album features some of the quartet’s most melodic recordings to date with standout tracks “Abandon”, “Said So What” and “Over The World”. It is an album that demands your attention by revealing new sounds, notes and harmonies with each listen.

For vocalist/multi-instrumentalist, Nick Stumpf, Swimming is "by far the closest we’ve come to getting the sound we wanted.” By capturing both the palpable and raw elements, the French Kicks have created a complex yet sophisticated pop album.

“On this record, we hoped to capture the joy of friends playing together in a relaxed way. We used a lot of first and second takes and tried to preserve a sense of immediacy and discovery that comes from putting things down before you really have a chance to think too hard. It’s bolder, and at the same time more intimate, than anything we’ve done,” says guitarist/vocalist Josh Wise who sings lead vocals on “Said So What,” With The Fishes,” “Carried Away,” and “All Our Weekends”. Nick Stumpf sings lead vocals on the remaining eight tracks.


  • Aaron Thurston Drums
  • Josh Wise Vocals, Guitar
  • Lawrence Stumpf Bass
  • Nick Stumpf Lead Vocals, Keyboard

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