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On the wings of the widely celebrated and award-winning debut album, If You Ever See an Owl, Matt Pryor (of the New Amsterdams) delivers big again on the just-in-time-for-summer release, Jerzy The Giant.

The new release, named for Pryor’s youngest child, contains energetic, playground pop songs inspired by all three of his children. Written and recorded in only a month at his home studio, the album is proof that BIG things do come in small packages. “My kids inspire me to do everything”, says Pryor of Jerzy, Lily and Elliot. “Some of the songs were actually co-written by my daughter Lily who is constantly singing around the house about everything from lions to poop.”

Jerzy the Giant features upbeat tracks that vary in musical styles from the thumping mantra of the “Great Big Poop”, to the melodic cool rhythms of “Elliott Oooh”. Special attention goes to the letter Y on “Consonants”, Pryor’s smoky, fast-talking alphabet tribute while the homegrown themes continue through on “Lily Names everything Sandy” and “Big Baby J”. With 16 wide-ranging songs, the family-friendly Jerzy definitely has something for everyone.

When asked about his thoughts on the new album and what the future holds for the Two’s, Pryor says, “The fan response and experience writing with the kids are what drive me to keep going. As long as we’re all having fun, we’ll keep playing more shows and writing more songs”.
Lucky for us, Jerzy the Giant is GREAT BIG fun!


  • Bill Belzer Drums
  • Dustin Kinsey Guitar
  • Eric McCann Bass
  • Matthew Pryor Vocals / Guitar

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The Terrible Twos

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