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Under The Boards is the second installment of a three-album trilogy, continuing a story about self-discovery that began with last year’s Sound The Alarm and will conclude with a third album, Daybreak, to be released next year. Conley previously commented: “Sound The Alarm is an expression of discontent. Under The Boards is reflection and remorse. Daybreak is acceptance.” The band – original members Conley and David Soloway (guitar) along with Manuel Carrero (bass) and Durijah Lang (drums) – co-produced the 13 songs on Under The Boards with Marc Hudson and Eric Stenman at their Electric Ladybug studio in northern California.


  • Chris Conley Vocals, Guitar
  • David Soloway Guitar
  • Durijah Lang Drums
  • Manny Carrero Bass

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Saves The Day

Under The Boards Oct 30, 2007 Buy