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DOWN TO EARTH APPROACH is exploring new emotional and physical terrain on their new disc, entitled Come Back To You. The long-awaited follow up to 2004’s Another Intervention shows just how far the band has come and hints at where they’re going.

Down To Earth Approach formed in 2000 in the small western New York town of Batavia when they were just 17 years old. The band gained notoriety with their debut release, due in part to the fact that front man Jonathan Lullo had interned at Vagrant prior to being signed by the label. The band had moved to Los
Angeles in 2001 with dreams of getting into the music business and eventually landed that coveted record deal.

Just two months prior to the release of Another Intervention, the band knew that with the release of their debut, they would be on the road almost constantly for the next few years and decided to make Batavia their home base again.

The bittersweet pop songs on their latest effort chronicle the young band grappling with significant changes in their lives; what happens when your dreams do come true, losing and finding love, and readjusting to life in your hometown once you explored beyond its borders.

The majority of Come Back To Youwas written and recorded in the spring of 2006 with producers Mike Watts and Steven Haigler at Vudu Studios in Long Island, NY. “I was a pretty inexperienced songwriter when we wrote Another Intervention,” comments Lullo, “and I feel like we learned so much working with Mike and Steven. They also brought John and Pete together as a much tighter rhythm section, and pushed us all to be better musicians.”

Lyrically, Jonathan Lullo’s songs have a disarmingly intimate quality enhanced by the fact that he’s singing in new keys that better suit his voice. “I was so uptight that I might reveal something personal on the first album,” laughs Lullo. “I really wanted to loosen up and write what I was really thinking. I think Ben Kweller says it best in the song “Family Tree” – ‘Stick to love songs, kid – that’s all you’re knowing’.” The band, with the new addition of Dan Shepard on keyboards, possesses a newfound solidness and strength as a result of all that touring. “We wrote most of the material just before last summer’s Vans
Warped Tour,” Lullo explains, “and then Dan joined in the fall and it feels like we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be right now.”


  • Dan Shepard Keyboards
  • John McCampbell Bass, Vocals
  • Jonathan Lullo Vocals, Guitar
  • Peter Metzler Drums
  • Ryan McClur Guitar, Vocals

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